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From ages 8 to 98... become EDUCATED and CONFIDENT! I will teach you proper techniques in order to protect your voice from being damaged, and to free your voice to reach its full potential. I can also help you explore a variety of musical styles, as well as learn performance tips, microphone technique, music theory, and audition skills. With MDH Breathing Coordination, my students experience big improvements and a solid understanding of voice as a full body experience. MDHBC is not just for singers! Actors, public speakers, athletes, or anyone who wants to release body tension and free up the breathing mechanism... Everyone can benefit! All are welcome at SoCal Singer Studio!

One-on-one, customized vocal instruction / MDH Breathing Coordination:

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**Chaffey Theater Company students - Ask me about your special rate.**

Offering private lessons online and in-person in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

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SAFE!  Nicole has recently been finger printed and background checked to ensure the safety of minors.

FUN!  Nicole is patient, kind, and encouraging. She makes learning fun, and has respect for all students, regardless of skill level.

EFFECTIVE!  As long as the student attends all lessons, and practices during the week, results will come quickly!

UNIQUE!  With the integration of MDH Breathing Coordination, your lessons will be like none other. When tensions in the body are released, and the breathing mechanism is able to move freely, you will SOAR!